About CMDC

California Movement Disorders Center

Experience and Professionalism

We are a Movement Disorders Neurology clinic specializing in Parkinson disease, essential and familial tremor, atypical parkinsonian syndromes (dementia with Lewy bodies, multiple system atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, and corticobasal syndrome), dystonia, and more. As a Movement Disorders Specialist, Dr. Andruska is a board-certified neurologist who has also also completed a subspecialty fellowship in Movement Disorders. She has expertise in the management of medical, surgical, and procedural treatments for the relief of movement disorders symptoms, as well as preventative and complimentary approaches to care. She believes in a patient-centered approach to holistic care.

Our patients value CMDC for many reasons:

Personalized and compassionate longitudinal care

A medical home, where the staff knows you well

Easy-to-schedule appointments whenever you need

Expert diagnosis and treatment of your neurologic condition

Thorough office visits to answer all of your questions

Educational programs and seminars about PD and related movement disorders

A network of PD- and neurology-trained physical, occupational, and speech therapists

Seamless communication with your other providers

Cutting-edge research

Focused ultrasound evaluations

Deep brain stimulation evaluation and/or programming

Therapeutic injections for movement disorders symptom relief